Tarryall, CO

I love to travel with my family.  This is one of our favorite spots near Tarryall, CO. Amazing. We never really do anything there.  We just enjoy looking.  We stop by the same road and look down at this beautiful meadow.  The serpentine river adds to the serene, breathtaking view!  
The first time we came around the bend and saw this sight, we literally put the jeep in reverse and stopped and stared for a good 15 minutes!  We stopped.  Got out. There was no traffic, very few sounds.  Only nature-the gurgles of the river, the birds! That was about ten years ago and we have been back two more times. Still seeing if we can remember where this secluded meadow is.   Still looking to see if the log structures are there.  Still passing the time  in this peaceful place on earth. 

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